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Moderador ATV
25 Ene 2017
MediaPortal 2.1 Pre2 Release
Written by Team-MediaPortal on 11 February 2017.

Attached to this news you will find the Pre2 Release version of MediaPortal 2.1.

Since we published the MediaPortal 2.1 Pre Release in late December, we fixed many issues and further improved the product to provide the best possible experience to the users.

While MediaPortal 2 is now a fully stable product, some of the issues that the community reported require further work. Because of this the MP2 team decided to publish another Pre release version to allow the community to benefit from all the bug fixes and improvements that we added since the beginning of the year.

Highlights of this release

Besides numerous bug fixes, we have included the following major improvements:

New WMC skin
Coming from WMC, because not able to use it anymore with Windows 10, but looking for the same lean usability? The new WMC skin will offer the full look and feel, that you are used to and offer a lot of additional opportunities making it even better.

Default theme
WMC 01 9bf5b WMC 02 3c1f1 WMC 03 f8ee1 WMC 04 02817

Dark theme
WMC Dark 1 bc86b WMC Dark 2 f7224 WMC Dark 3 51449 WMC Dark 4 a1b88

New BlueVision skin themes
The BlueVision skin has been revamped and new themes have been added: Windows10, Titanium Extended and Grey allow to adjust the look of MediaPortal to your personal preference.

thumb Win10 1 6fb19 thumb Win10 2 28ad7 thumb Win10 3 bc42f thumb Win10 4 4c778

Titanium Extended
thumb TitanExt 1 710eb thumb TitanExt 2 ac591 thumb TitanExt 3 7d947 thumb TitanExt 4 65d79

thumb Grey 2 c8257 thumb Grey 1 9d886 Grey 3 3a2aa Grey 4 2bf08

Completely reworked media management
All kind of media (movie, series, audio, videos, etc.) will now be automatically scraped. Respective online information (descriptions, covers, posters, fanart, artists, etc.) is downloaded and added to the central database. Users can define which online sources to use and what kind of data to download. Local fanarts and descriptions are also supported.

Enhanced movie and series management
Movies can now be shown filtered by collections (aka movie sets)
thumb MovieSeries 1 b1467 thumb MovieSeries 2 cfa1e MoviesMgt 3 14a52 MoviesMgt 4 9da0b

Now there is also an indicator for the watched percentage of movies and their collections as well as for series and seasons.
Several new features have been added. You can now enjoy season FanArt and benefit from a broad variety of metadata to filter and sort on.
SeriesMgt 1 ce6ea SeriesMgt 2 9adb8 SeriesMgt 3 9f79f SeriesMgt 4 52c16

Cascaded CAM support

Online Videos
Added support for DRM-protected content like Amazon Prime

All: Configurable Fanart transparency/visibility level
WMC: Added age certification logos
Individual share watcher settings for each media source
Configurable Splitter settings
Logging level change now acting on both client and server
Full list of changes

The complete list of changes since the release of Spring '16 last year is very long and we will only list changes since MediaPortal 2.1 Pre Release here. Please also refer to the Pre Release changelog for a complete overview of what has changed since Spring '16.

Changelog since MediaPortal 2.1 Pre Release: Have a look at the details



Moderador ATV
25 Ene 2017
MediaPortal 1.17.0 / 2.1.1

MediaPortal 2.1.1 Release
Written by Team-MediaPortal on 29 July 2017.

This service upgrade fixes several bugs and introduces some new features:

Media Importer
We increased the speed and improved the stability of the importer process. We also removed OMDB from the list of online sources to choose from, as it is no longer free to use. A visual indicator has been added to each skin and theme to inform the user that an importer process is ongoing.
We added the possibility to manually schedule recordings: schedules can now be defined for any channel by simply setting start and end times/dates.
The recording indicator that is displayed on each menu screen while the system is recording a show is now visible in all skins and themes.
A new setup option now allows users to change the logo style of TV/Radio channels. Besides a new channel group button to swich groups, we also added configuration options to define if name, logo and number of each TV channel should be displayed in the EPG
Video playback
A visual indicator will be shown when the playback is paused.
Fast forward/rewind now displays the speed of playback.
We replaced the weather provider WorldWeatherOnline by OpenWeatherMap. The Weather screen now displays a full seven days of weather forecast instead five.
Settings menu
The settings menu section has been overworked and now displays its entries in a more logical order and structure.



Moderador ATV
25 Ene 2017
MediaPortal 1.18.0 Final

We fixed some issues with TSReader where RTSP timeouts were too short in some situations as well as seeking in recordings could trigger end-of-file if extra buffering delay is enabled in registry.
We fixed an issue where MP was not able to find the correct Audio Renderer Device.
We fixed an issue where TV channels were removed when selecting "Edit Recording" in EPG.
We added PowerOff events to the InputHandler mapping.
We added the possibility of bulk deletion in TV Recordings.
We fixed an issue in MyVideos where file deletion failed when the file was playing.
We significantly reduced the CPU load on BasicHome for skins using a lot of skin expressions (from BasicHome Editors) and therefore optimized the rendering times.

We added support for the spectrum analyzer plugin (to be seen in e.g. MusicNowPlaying).
Along with the above items we kept consolidating our software.


Moderador ATV
25 Ene 2017
MediaPortal 1.18.0 / 2.1.2b

The MP2 team is proud to present the release of MediaPortal 2.1.2
Tuesday, 21 November 2017

MediaPortal 2.1.2 is a full-blown media center software that addresses the most common user requirements out of the box. Besides its TV and Radio services it is also offering a complete media management for movies, series and music, including posters, album and fan art as well as additional metadata (e.g. actor, director and much more) that are automatically downloaded from the internet. MediaPortal 2.1 also provides access to online video sources such as Amazon Prime. Integrated news, weather information and management for your digital images complete this software package.

The modern client/server architecture in combination with the central database greatly simplifies the use and management of the system. New clients can easily be added to the environment and connected to the MediaPortal 2 Server for immediate use.

This service upgrade fixes several bugs and introduces some new features:


We added a WOL-manager to allow the automatic wake-up of the server PC when a client is switched on.

We added automatic logo management: channel logos are now automatically refreshed every other week so that changes in the logo repository will be automatically available on your system.
We also fixed a bug that caused radio logos to not be downloaded.
A configurable pop-up window now signals that a scheduled recording is starting or has ended.
Player-OSD and Player configuration display

We added a setting option to allow the optional display of the player configuration dialog.
We changed the way the OSD is displayed. The first press of 'Info' will invoke the OSD, a second will either switch it off or display the player configuration, which will then close again when pressing 'Info' one more time.
Removable media

We greatly increased the speed when browsing files on removable media (e.g. pictures on a SD card).

We fixed a bug that caused temperatures to always be displayed in °C,

We added a new WMC theme 'Turquoise"
The WMC Home menu has been overworked for a better user experience
DiscArt was added to the Audio player.

Windows Media Center theme 'Turquoise" for MediaPortal 2


MediaPortal 2.1.2's functionality can be further extended through the installation of additional plugins. The choice of extensions, while currently limited, is steadily growing. Have a look at what else is available in our Featured Plugins section.

Download MediaPortal 2.1.2b