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IPTV Importer plugin

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25 Ene 2017
IPTV Importer Plugin

@madie wrote:
Since I also use IPTV, I've written a small plugin that imports the list into my bouquets and delivers EPG. It is certainly not perfect and not mature. I've only been able to test it with a few providers. EPG is currently only linked to the German channels, because I hardly use anything else. Also, there are no translations in it yet. Everything is still in English.

For use. After the installation you have to restart E² and then call the setup to enter your access data.

Important is the format of the server. Example is in the plugin. User and pass should be self-explanatory.

Furthermore, you can specify in the plugin, which channels are to be created in which bouquet and where to find entries to the plugin. Then save with a green button.
Then call IPTVImport and the channels are downloaded and can be used.
Vortei is that you then every time you call IPTVImporter has a current list, without the detour of new m3u.

To link the EPG to more channels, edit the /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/IPTVImporter/mapping.json.

Update 0.8

-add de.po
-add more options for cannel linking
thx @ madie