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Easy BlindScan pro

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Moderador ATV
25 Ene 2017
'Me Gusta'
EBSpro v16.0.0.0

EBSpro is now freeware (all features is now unlocked for all

changelog (stable) [26 feb 2017]

- EBSpro is now freeware (all features is now unlocked for all).
- Added auto dish adjustment (beta) feature in positioner console.*
- Added SNR bar in positioner console.
- Removed SatFeeds' related things from EBSpro. Isn't supported anymore.
- Now shows in a tooltip the ID and status of the selected tuner in the device list.
- CTRL+F now works in SidePanel Scanner (to search a scanned service or frequency)
- Fixed MIS detection issues in DT with AU mode (in SA Window)
- Fixed a potential crash selecting the MIS Id (SA)
- Fixed a problem with DiSEqC 1.1 when the DiSEqC mode is set to Auto.
- Fixed a potential lockup of the main UI due to unsafe thread calls.
- Changed the current "new transponder" sound (yes, the annoying ka-boom) by another one a bit more cool.
- Some minor fixes and improvements.
- Updated: StreamReader.dll to

* A quick and easy way to fine tune a dish that is connected to a 1.2 DiSEqC (motor).
It finds the best signal available checking the SNR value and moving the dish in little steps.
P.D: For making it working well, you need at least more than 1-2 dB of SNR and of course,
a dvb card that support SNR reading and Diseqc 1.2 support.

SmartUpdater specific (v2.0.0.3):

- Fixed an indexOutOfBounds error when the server script isn't working as it should.